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Customer Testimonies

Our customers were asked to rate their experience with ezcreditwarehouse.com 

on a 1 – 10 scale, with 1 being poor and 10 being great.


10 – I was treated excellent

            - Jason M.


I would say a 9 because they were fast and convenient.

            - Antonio P.


My experience with EZ Credit is a 10. The reason: the Sales Staff and Customer Service was very courteous, friendly, and helpful.

- Beatrice R.


I rate a 9. very fast response and great opportunity to rebuild credit. Prices are too high, however.

            - Danny A.


10 – Fast response – great customer svce.

            - Shannon M.


10 The experience that I received from ezcreditwarehouse was excellent, that is why I give this company a 10. Everytime that my husband or I had a question we would just call and got automatic service. The representative Monica was a tremendous help. She was always there to answer any questions we had and was in general such a nice person to speak too.

            - Richard D.


Quick & Easy 10.

- Unnamed


10 – Monica was terrific and very helpful

            - Steven S.


My rating would be a (10). My sales agent (Justin) was very professional, efficient and most of all courteous.

- Kathy B.


9 Because there customer service (sic)

            - Joell H.


10 They where very nice and helpful

            - Unnamed


10 Lots of communication. Everything I needed, Adrienne helped me out so much, great person!

            - Donnie J.


10 – It was so easy and they made the transaction procedure just as easy from start to signing papers.

            - Tommy J.


10 Everyone was courteous.

            - Cathy O.


10 The lady that called was very nice, not pushy. Very helpful. Called us back at a very good time and was really nice. Thanks!

            - Eric J.


10 Great. Called me back with an approval very fast.

            - Chad N.


10 – Because I have already tried to get financed through another couple of places and they would not even try to help and you guys done it. I think that it is great that you are willing to help someone who has had problems in the past to rebuild their credit. Thank you again.

            - Unnamed


10! Very fast and easy to communicate with my contacts, Lynette and Rosanne, who emailed me quickly with answers to any of my questions.

- Jason M.


I give a 10. Kim the Sales agent was great! Went over everything with me, she was a very kind person to talk to.

            - Robert H.


10 Very friendly staff and prompt. Not a lot of requirements.

            - Nicol L.


9 Customer service and personal contact was very friendly and helpful.

            - Keith A.


I rate ezcreditwarehouse.com a 10 because you (Lynette) are given me a chance to rebuild my credit. Thank you.

            - Tiffani B.


So far a 10. Everyone was nice and handled my phone calls in a pleasant manner.

- Jason P.


We haven’t received any products from you yet [as of 1-30-06]. But, so far I think its great. So I’m giving it a 10.

- Shirley G.


10 I spoke with Monica. She was very friendly and answered all my questions. I really enjoyed talking with her.

            - Kimberly P.


8. Reps from ezcreditwarehouse was very kind with great customer service skills. I had a problem with the guys who delivered my furniture. They did not arrive until 8:30pm at night and was not very friendly.

            - Tabitha M.


So far my experience with ezcreditwarehouse can be rated a 7. I would rate higher, however this is my first major purchase online. Although skeptical, the staff, Roxanne [Rosanne] and Monique [Monica], have been very helpful, patient and accommodating.

- Scott H.


8 Very good phone conversation. Good product knowledge and very helpful.

            - Charles V.


8 because there was some confusion through the whole process but I’m very greatful to have approved for these wheels.

            - Raymond M.


8 I graded an eight because of the quick approval, great customer service, fast shipping of paperwork. I didn't’t rate it a 10 only because my interest rate. If it was a smaller interest rate, then it would be a 10.

            - Keane K.


8 Everyone I talked to has been very helpful. I had problems getting my forms to sign in the mail. They accidently sent them to the wrong state, but things happen and they straightened it out.

            - Amy Jo S.


This was my first time with ezcreditwarehouse and I really really loved it. It was fast and easy and they have very beautiful products and I rate them a 10.

- Old King A.


10 ezcreditwarehouse makes purchasing items needed for a home hassle and worry free.

            - Brandi G.


10 I always receive a phone call if there is any problem w/ my acct. Friendly customer service.

            - Reddy


8 I loved the service but feel that the pricing is shady. With less than perfect credit, this is the price we have to pay.

            - Cassandra M.


10 The woman Rosanne I’m working with was excellent.

            - Dale H.


9 They got me approved when no one else could. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.

            - Robert R.


10 Everything has been great. A bit of confusion on delivery time, but other than that, I’m very pleased, and I will refer people.

            Donnell T.


10 Because they at least give you chance to build your credit back up which I think is a good idea.

            - David W.



10 It was great.

            - Unnamed


10 Because they are so courteous and friendly.

            - Billy P.


10 Because when I had a question about a product it was explained to me very clearly.

            - Linda B.


10 It’s great to be able to purchase rims at payment arrangements. I own my own shop and it’s hard seling rims when hardly anyone can afford to buy them.

            - Jorge C.


10 The lady that is working with us is very sweet, respect and a hard worker. She explains everything and is honest about every little detail.

            - Jason R.


I rate my experience a 10 because there response was quick and they were very friendly and not pushy.

            - Marcus G.


This is coming from Crystal D. I will give Rosanne a 10 because she was one of the best represenatives that I have ever spoken with.

- Crystal D.


10 Sales people professional and courteous.

            - David M.


10 The customer service was excellent and was given excellent advice about product. Rosanne was exceptional.

            - Gwendolyn M.


10!!! Was great w/ the entire experience!

- Nita F.



10 Very helpful, explains everything you need to know.

            - Michael B.


10 I thought the service was great, I felt like I was being treated like an actual friend/family. It was very easy and very friendly.

            - Brooke N.


10 They were nice on the phone. Better deals.

            - Daquan G.


10 They were very polite and very detailed in their explanation

            - Lonnie W.


I would give an 9. Great service, friendly people.

            - Loyal S.


8 They were really helpful on helping me fill out forms and proceeding with the forms

            - Zachary B.


10 good.

            - Jose R.


10 Quick call and friendly service.

            - Michael R.


My rate for ezcredit is a 10. Monica @ ezcredit is awesome. She helped me throughout the whole process since the very 1st phone call to the end of transaction. She’s very knowledgeable @ her job.

            - Monica R.

10 The customer service was awesome.

            - Unnamed


10 My experience with ezcreditwarehouse has been great. All of my questions was answered accurately. Upon submission of my application, customer service called back within 24 hours.

            - Jennifer J.


10 Because it was quick, easy, convenient, and Monica was very nice.

            - Helen M.


5 Lack of information on furniture specification leaves us reluctant to make a purchase. Customer service to date has been wonderful.

            - Russell H.


10 they were really nice and kind in helping me get approved

            - Chris S.


10 Very helpful

            - Tonya R.


10 Fast response, good communication, and very help full representatives.

            - Unnamed


10 Justin was great with helping me find the rims that I wanted. He called me when he said he would and he was always friendly.

            - Unnamed


10 So far

            - Johnny T.


8 Because individuals are given opportunities to establish their credits. Moreover I will suggest that prices are placed on the items. It would help us choose better.

            - Unnamed


So far things have been great [no rating listed]

- Bryan B.


10 your company responded quickly with very friendly and helpful customer service

            - Unnamed


8 So far, so good!

            - Shawn G.


10 fast, easy, great customer service

            - Nina S.


10 Monica was very helpful

            - Shirley D.


10 Very fast service

            - Michelle K.


10 Great

            - Peter M.


10 Roseanne was extremely professional and friendly. She explained the merchandise, the quality, and how we can benefit from improving/re-building our credit.

            - Michael A.


6 They are willing to help even when your credit is not that well. In addition, they make it there business to get the paperwork out so that you can get your products. That was really important.

            - Lakenia C.


10 Because I am approved to purchase a tanning bed. Something I have wanted for years.

            - Amy F.


9 Staff has been great

            - Steven A.


10 So far wonderful service!! The process was so easy.

            - Kevin P.


10 Monica was very helpful and accommodating

            - Jennifer L.


10 Everyone was helpful and informative

            - Craig C.


10 Easy financing. Great communication bbetween the company and their customers

            - Shandrika W.


7 Everything went well, but what they don’t tell you once you are approved that they will need a copy of you D.L. and check stub. I give them a 7 because I haven’t gotten my furniture yet.

            - April J.


10 Considerate and will afford an applicant a chance.

            - Roberta S.


10 Being great! They were really nice and didn't’t make me feel stupid. I am telling all my friends.

            - Billy W.


10 There was nonstop customer service through the process. Also very nice.

            - Marcus C.


10 Great. You guys gave me a wonderful TV

            - Eugene F.


9 So far so good. Great service, good contact.

            - Darell A.


10 Rosanne was very understanding of my questions, concerns and immediately replied to my inquirys regarding my purchase.

            - Daniel K.


10 I called for info about my application and a guy not sure his name but his extension is 100 he gave me great customer service and was a big help.

            - Alex R.


I rate them an 8 because they where quick to respond and send the information needed to get everything going.

            - Donathan T.


9 The associate was very generous and kind on the telephone.

            - Suprena H.



- Tara C.


I rate the employee, Monica, as a 10. She was excellent on getting me financed. She was easy to talk to and to make sure I got the right tanning bed. So I give her a 10.

             - Janet N.


10 Very prompt in reviewing order very quick to call on approval. Very quick in answering any questions by email. Very polite.

            - Unnamed


10 Papers were easy and not overwhelming.

            - Unnamed


Great [no rating given]

- Unnamed


10 Everyone has been very informative and helpful.

            - Unnamed


10 They are so friendly and warm to work with! I was so impressed with the follow up and concern to select just the right bedroom set! Also, you pick up the phone instantly and don’t have a long process for getting thru to you!

            - Unnamed


10 Staff is very helpful and things went smoothly.

            - Unnamed


10 Easy, I was approved quickly – No long wait for customer service. Rosanne is the best.

            - Allison R.


9 quick response, great customer service

            - Unnamed


10 Great customer service assistance

            - Sherri B.


I’d give you a 9! I hoped for a group that does what you do and you were easy to find. The cost is higher than I’d hoped for.

- Stan W.


8 I feel they are very fast and have great customer service.

            - Dennis S.


I rate ezcreditwarehouse.com a 10. When you go online and they tell you they can get the product with good, no, or bad credit, some places still deny you. Not here. They were true to their advertisement and I like that.

            - Brandi W.


I would place your company at a 10. Every person that I have spoken to has been polite and very personable (namely Monica). I would recommend your company to anyone who is or has been in a situation where their credit is not the best.

            - David T.


10. Monica was friendly and helpful.    

            - Michael W.


10 Very helpful, explained everything out.

            - Harold M.


10 It was a great experience. Rosanne really help me and went [comment end]

            - Tamica S.


8 simple, but a two day wait to find out the results.

            - Tim V.


Great. Prompt service and very nice team [no rating given]

- Justin J.


I rate ezcreditwarehouse on a scale of 10.

            - Jamie S.


Can’t really rate as this is my first time dealing with company. But my experience so far I would give a 10

- Steven S.


10 Excellent cust service!!

            - Michelle E.


10 Friendly

            - Eddie C.


10 Great customer service and fast responses

            - Robert and Stacey M.


9 Service was extremely friendly and helpful. Any questions I had were courteously answered. My needs were met, and I was pleased with the outcome.

            - Laura B.


10 Very easy to deal with great customer service Easy to find products that you want.

            - Arthur M.


10 Very polite and helpful

            - Sandra A.



- Shiu S.


6 There seems to be a lot of paperwork

            - Sarah J.



- David E.


10 I didn't’t realize I was approved. They contacted me and set it up.

            - Brandi L.


I rate you a 10 b/c you’re always so helpful, friendly, and professional. Your website offers a variety of excellent products.

            - Krystal H.


9 Very detailed to the employee being satisfied

            - Larry W.


9 My questions were answered. The answers I received were satisfying.

            - Dale B.


10 Very nice people

            - Tracye K.


10 Very courteously helpful

            - Pam H.


Great [No rating given]

- Michael R.


10 Great because the service we were given was great in all terms. Thank you.

            - Edwin T.


10 Excellent sales rep there when I had a question (Justin)

            - Preston F.


10 Great customer service and helpful

            - Amanda L.


10 Because I got a call the next day saying that I was approved as I am pleased with the fast response and friendly customer service.

            - Unnamed


10 A young lady by the name of Rosanne helped me, very professional, friendly.

            - Robert R.


10 Adrienne was GREAT

            - Shannon G.


10 Efficient, courteous, fair.

            - Ruth G.


10 because they were quick to respond to our application and were very courteous.

            - Christopher C.


9 All good so far

            - Gregory S.


10 They were very helpful and friendly so far.

            - Misty O.


9 Things so far have been great and fat service but still have to get the laptop before a 10!

            - William R.


10 Because you guys and girls call back and make sure you have all your papers right and you also report to all three credit bureaus!

            - Steven C.


10 Very helpful great communication

            - Joe S.


10 Great service

            - Travis L.


10 Service was great

            - Tritobia G.


10 Great they were very nice and explained everything to me and made sure I understood before we hung up.

            - Travis H.


10 Sales rep people are awesome (Monica/Adrienne) and very helpful.

            - Marvin O.


10 The service was very fast and friendly. Adrienne was very friendly and helpful.

            - Donovan C.


A 10 everybody was nice.

            - Angela L.


9 Great

            - Robert T.


10 Great customer service, great follow up.

            - Jamos M.


10 Adrienne was great. She answered all of my questions and was very helpful.

            - Amy M.


10 Very helpful

            - Scott C.