Tanning Bed Testimonials


  1. Jason C. from Hinton, OK says "The Tanning bed is great! And I had a great experience with EZcreditwarehouse" (Approved)
  2. Robert C. from Crocker, MO says "Getting our tanning bed was very easy" (Approved)
  3. Charles C. from Washington, NC says "The tanning bed is great, very high quality, in fact watch out when you first start tanning...it's more powerful than you think." (Approved)
  4. Ellen C. from Stopover, KY says "I really like the tanning bed, it's just great and everyone was so nice" (Approved)
  5. Gary C. from Caro, MI says "Love the bed, it's a great bed, I wouldn't change it for anything."  "So close to be a commercial bed, that's how great it is" "You all are very sweet and just the greatest, customer service is 100%"
  6. Natalie C. says "It's great, relaxing, and I love that it's in my home" "Everyone at EZcreditwarehouse was so nice and the whole process was so fast" (Approved)
  7. Chad & Jennifer D. "We love our tanning bed, everyone was very nice and things were prompt" (Approved)
  8. Gloria A.– “My tanning bed experience was good!”
  9. Kelly A. – “It’s a nice tanning bed”  “ The Service I received was Great!” (Approved)
  10. Tasha B. – “I like the comfort of the tanning bed, the arch for the back is great and a lot more comfortable than other tanning beds I’ve tried.” “Everyone was really helpful, really nice, and answered all of my questions.”(Approved)
  11. Howard C. – “We had great service from all the employees, the tanning bed is just great and it even got here several days before scheduled!” (Approved)
  12. Debbie D. -- "It's a good relaxing time" You are wonderful and have had no problems" (Approved)
  13. Cheryl E.-- "You All were great and so helpful" (Approved)
  14. Zane E. --"I just love the tanning bed, I will never sell mine"  "I really like the size of it, it's pretty roomy.  The 16 bulb tanning bed really works great, in just 7 days people could really tell the difference in my tan and it's cheaper on electricity" -- "Everybody has been just wonderful" (Approved)
  15. Edith E. --"The tanning bed is great, I love it" "Very, very pleased with the sales, everybody was on top of everything".  Anybody with kids would love it, the convenience is so nice" (Approved)
  16. Sandy E. -- "It's just nice to have a tanning bed at home, the convenience it great, I can tan day or night".  I really like my bed
  17. Don F -- "Didn't get it until two weeks ago".  "I was expecting a cheap quality tanning bed, but this thing is great, really high quality"  "Everyone was friendly and answered all my question"(Approved)
  18. Melodie F. --"Saves me so much time from having to go to Tanning salons"  "Everyone was very nice"
  19. Stephanie H. -- "It's a real good tanning bed, I tanned really quick"  "Service was good and quick"  "The whole process was very quick, and my order was filled promptly" (Approved)
  20. Tonya H. --"I'm really enjoying the tanning bed, and everyone was very nice and helpful" (Approved)
  21. Farrah H. -- "The bed has been great, I'm used to tanning in commercial beds, but I feel like I'm getting just as good as tan in this one"  "My payments are automatically withdrawn which makes thing very easy and I still get a statement which I really like"
  22. Debbie K.-- "We really enjoy our tanning bed"  Everyone was so very nice (Approved)
  23. Carol K. -- "I thoroughly enjoy my bed and the staff at EZ credit warehouse was really on the ball.  They were very quick, and all my questions were answered efficiently.  I was very satisfied with the service I received." (Approved)

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