Most of our customers tell us the reason they want a Wolff Residential Tanning Bed is to look better which helps them feel better about themselves. The problem they have is that going to a salon is extremely inconvenient and you never own anything.  You just pay for the service to face the crowds, waste time waiting in line, to tan in a bed that may or may not be as pristine and clean as you would like,  then do it all over again the next day or every other day.


Just getting to the salon can be a huge hassle with child care and work issues, and let’s not forget running the household.  You are squeezing every minute out of every day usually to help somebody else. You are happy to help other people but every once in a while would like to have something that helps you!


This is why you need a Home Tanning Bed, so you can get a beautiful golden tan (the envy of all your friends).  You will look terrific ALL the time not just the times you can figure out how to manipulate your schedule to get into the cattle call of a tanning salon.  You want to feel good about yourself in a safe, secure, private, quiet location. Can you imagine the warmth and quiet atmosphere of your Tanning Bed room with a little background music playing your favorite relaxing music?  Talk about stress relief!



There are many other benefits of having a Wolff Home Tanning Bed in your home.  You will save time and money. Money? How? Most of our customers tell us by the time they pay for the membership, transportation, lotions at salon prices, and child care (in some cases), they end up going to the salons less than what they want.  The tan fades and so does how you look and feel about yourself and yet you still have paid them money. This means your actual cost per tanning session is a lot higher than you might have thought. Owning something is always cheaper in the long run than paying for the service to some salon.


By owning a Sunquest Wolff Residential Tanning Bed, you will be able to conveniently, safely, and privately Tan At Home. 


The Sunquest Wolff Tanning Beds are manufactured by ETS, the absolute unquestionable leader in the Tanning Bed industry. They sell more Home Tanning Beds than anyone else for a good reason. They have great long lasting Tanning Beds with the leader of tanning bulbs in them.  These Wolff Tanning bulbs will give you the best tan for many, many years of use. The beds have a great warranty and are built to last.


Ok, so you want a Wolff Sunquest Tanning Bed but coming up with that type of money to pay for it with cash is very difficult. So paying as you go is the most popular option. A majority of our customers apply for a payment program or have applied for a payment program with someone else before and been denied financing. This can be a disappointing and sometimes  embarrassing situation. That’s where we can help.  We are





We have helped many great people with Good Credit or Slow Credit or Really Terrible Credit to get the tanning bed they have dreamed of.


There are a lot of companies who sell Residential Tanning Beds but most can only finance someone who has really good credit. A little known fact is that 2 out of 5 people above the age of 18 are “Credit Challenged”.  They have credit scores that do not allow them to purchase, on a payment plan, the products and services from the places they normally shop.


After years of working with people like you who might be in this situation, we have found that most of these people are really great people but have had a life changing event like a divorce, medical event, loss of a job, unexpected additions to the home (kids or family members) or other legitimate reasons. This has forced them to make difficult choices monthly about who to pay and who not to pay.


We have also found most of the time these life changing events are short term and most people are not trying to get out of paying their bills, but simply have had to prioritize who to pay and when to pay. The problem is usually short in duration but really, really long in effects to their credit rating.


With an estimated 40% of the USA in this position, this translates to over 30 million people who are denied credit when they attempt to buy the products they want and need. 


If you are one of these people don’t feel bad you're not alone! 



No matter what your personal credit situation is, we can help! Don’t you deserve a Tanning Bed and a second chance to pay for it? That’s what we do. We help great people like you to get your own great Sunquest Wolff Tanning Bed.


So how does this work?


1.  Simply fill out our Secure No Obligation Application at the bottom of this page or click HERE to go to the same secure
     application page. Our whole website is secure so your information will remain private. We use the 128 bit encryption.


2.  We will have an answer for you as soon as a few hours or a day or two depending on your particular situation.


3.  We will communicate to you in detail your options, payments, terms, product details etc… and then help answer questions to
     help you determine which bed is the best for you.


4.  After your review of the options available to you,  just let us know which one of our great Sunquest Wolff Tanning Beds you
      would like to purchase!


5.  We will email or overnight mail to you the correct documents to complete and ask you overnight them back to us (at our


6.  We will then ship the bed to your home by common carrier. Depending where you live, we can usually get the tanning bed to 
      you anywhere in the U.S. in about a week to 10 days, maybe even less.


7.  The beds are 95% pre-assembled and will take no longer than 45 minutes to setup.


8.  Turn on some soft music, turn down the lights, get in YOUR tanning bed and let the stress of the day fly away.


9.  Tell your friend about us and you’ll get a referral fee to help pay for your bed!! Ask us for details. What a Deal!!!


It’s that simple and you can get started by clicking Here to complete an application.



In summary why you should  get a Home Tanning Bed From EZ


  • You will look great by owning and using your Sunquest Wolff Tanning Beds.

  • You  will feel better overall and about yourself by tanning in your  Sunquest Wolff Tanning Bed.

  • You will save lots and lots of valuable time.

  • You need more convenience in your life that Tanning At Home will bring you.

  • You will save money! Own  your own tanning bed.  Don’t pay the salon and never get ownership of your own Tanning Bed.

  • Your Significant Other may want or even own an ATV, Big Screen, truck, guns, tools,  etc…How about a Tanning Bed for YOU? Don’t you deserve something for YOU?


Most importantly,  we are the best source to get you approved for a payment program to help you look and feel better in just a few days! Give us a try.


Your bed will be delivered in less than 21 days after your approval and more like 10 days in most cases.

You will receive with your Tanning Bed , a starter pack lotion, eye candy, cleaner, and a pillow.

If you decide to pay off your Tanning Bed in 90 days it will be INTEREST FREE to you.


How much do they cost? It depends on the Tanning Bed you choose and the term of the loan we can get for you. The shorter term the larger the payment.  The longer the term the lower the payment.  In general,  prices start in the $29.77 per month range and go up from there. Our most popular beds start in the $70-$150 range per month depending on the Tanning Bed, length of the term or payback period,  and specific payment program you qualify for.


SPECIAL HIDDEN BONUS! If you apply now and input in the comments section “90 Days No Payments” at the bottom of the application page, You will get 90 Days No Interest.  It is based on approved credit and we reserve the right to end this promotion at anytime. So complete your application now!


Would you like to get started toward owning your own Home Tanning Bed now?  It is simple to apply, its free, and you’re under no obligation if you apply. We take privacy serious and our whole sight is secure with 128 bit encryption.


Just click HERE to go to our 128 bit encryption secure application page to complete the simple form and we will be back with you shortly to give you options on how we can help.


Here is our Promise To You---We Guarantee It!!  We will Absolutely Turn Over Every Rock, Look Around Every Tree, Search From Ocean To Ocean, Climb Every Mountain, To Try to Find A Way To Get You Approved For A Tanning Bed.  We can approve your credit when no one else will or can! Well we may not really climb every mountain but you get the point we will make every effort to help you get a Wolff Sunquest Tanning Bed.


I Want A Tanning Bed! What Do I Do Next?


Click Here To Get Started.   Don’t YOU deserve a Second Chance to be approved?


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