Sunquest Pro 26RS Residential Tanning Bed

Sunquest Pro 26RS Residential Tanning Bed

The SunQuest™ Wolff® 26RST home tanning bed delivers serious tanning power at an attractive price! Relax and enjoy its advanced Bio-Tech™ total surround tunnel design with 26 super-efficient, 100-watt lamps. Its seven-foot staggered lamp design offers a more spacious tanning surface that places more lamps over the facial area for quick, dark tanning results. All new for 2008 the 26RS home tanning bed now has Turbo face lamps for even more bronzing power over your face!

Lamps: 26 Body Lamps •Canopy: 14 x 100 watt Wolff® lamps
•Bench: 12 x 100 watt Wolff® lamps
•Facials: 6 Turbo Sun™ S Wolff® lamps
Design •Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe
•Bio-tech™ tunnel design
•Extended, curved, seven foot tanning surface tanning surface
•Exclusively designed acrylic sheets
•Specially glossed aluminum reflectors
•Duramax™ 2000 exterior
•Delivered 95% pre-assembled
Special Features •Exclusive Control Key Lock
•Quick-Clip™ acrylic removal system
•Security timer
•15 minute session time
Cooling •Superflow internal cooling system
Warranty •18 month Bronze Medal Warranty
Size •87.75" L x 35" W x 48" H
•Recommended room size: 9'x 6'
Power •220 VOLT dedicated circuit 6-20R Receptacle
•20 AMP circuit breaker
•20 AMP NEMA #6-20R receptacle:
Important: Voltage must be below 230 VAC or unit may require a Buck-Booster

*Circuit breaker size is approximate.  Consult an electrician.

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