Sunquest Canopy Wolff Home Tanning Bed


SunQuest 2000S Canopy

Dimensions 74"x33.5"x48"
Maximum Exposure Time 20-15 Minutes
Easy Lamp Accessibility Not Available
Optional High Speed Face Tanners Not Available
Tanning Surface 6 Foot
Wolff Lamps 100 Watt
Staggered Lamp Design Not Available
External Body Cooling Fans Not Available
Internal Superflow Cooling Fans 110 CFM
Advanced After Tan Cooling System Not Available
Digital Timer Not Available
Hour Meter Not Available
Control Key Lock Not Available
Remote Timer Option Not Available
Will Require Buck Booster if Voltage is NOT Below 230 VAC Not Required
Receptacle Required 5-15R
Voltage/Breaker Size 120 Volt/15 AMP*
Warranty 18 month Bronze Medal

*Circuit breaker size is approximate.  Consult an electrician.

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