Restonic Bedding Specifications
Comfort Care-Amber

Restonic Comfort Care-Amber 12" Interspring Mattress Plush
(Amber Plush)

Restonic Comfort Care-Amber 12" Interspring Mattress Firm
(Amber Firm)

The Restonic ComfortCare™ Amber is a great initial entry into the world of innerspring mattresses. Our Restonic ComfortCare™ Amber 12" innerspring mattress delivers to you the best value you can find on ANY innerspring mattress.

Comfort Layer: 1 7/8" RestoFoam™

Base Layer: 2" full inches of High resiliency Foam Core.

Innerspring: Complete Foam Encased 783 Coil Count (Queen)

Firmness: Luxury Firm or Super Plush

Cover: FlameFighter®, 2" QuiltFlex Foam, 1/2" RestoFoam™

Foundation: Premium steel and wood box zero-deflection box spring. Don't be fooled by other company's cheap wood foundations that don't provide proper support for innerspring mattresses.

Restonic's ComfortCare™ with exclusive Marvelous Middle™ Construction technology offers a complete and satisfying sleep experience. Restonic's ComfortCare™ reduces tossing and turning as well as provides special support for the head, neck, shoulders, back and calf areas. Restonic achieves results by incorporating multiple zones of support that mirror the contours of the human body. Our exclusive Marvelous Middle™ Construction provides greater support in the center third of the mattress, where body weight is concentrated.
Why Restonic's ComfortCare™? You'll receive:

Exclusive Marvelous Middle™ for durability and comfort

  • Exclusive Restonic process concentrates additional support in the center third of the mattress to impede body impression and upholstery fatigue.

5-Zone Sleep System for proper support of critical areas
  • Different body areas require different support zones. Restonic's unique 5-Zone Sleep System supports critical areas of the body, such as the head, neck, shoulders, back and calf areas

SpiraLok™ Technology to reduce motion transference and partner disturbance
  • By adding a tight steel weave that locks coils together securely, motion transference is reduced and partner disturbance and roll-together are minimized.

SuperEdge Plus™ complete foam encasement
  • High density foam surrounding the perimeter of the mattress creates a firmer edge, reducing edge breakdown and allowing a complete edge-to-edge sleeping surface.

Restonic's products were FIRST to pass the rigid standards required for certification by Underwriters Laboratories for flammability compliance. As long as you see the UL Certification logo, you can sleep soundly knowing that your mattress is safe. Cartoned Packaging with an LTL delivery and 15 year non pro-rated warranty. Specifications for Super Plush.