Restart Your Life Credit Program Details*

Most of our customers have had life changing events that have caused their credit scores to drastically go down. Sometimes as low as 400!  We have found that these customers are generally good people but have bad credit scores due to a life changing event like a Divorce, Unexpected Medically Payments or Loss of Job.  These customers are typically denied credit by other financing locations and are in a credit the “Credit Lock Box”. The box of no one will trust me again to make payments on time.  

We believe these people just need a break, someone to simply trust them again to make the payments on time and pay off the loan, to help them rebuild their credit history.  If you feel this way we have developed the Restart Your Life Credit Program just for you!  Here is how it works.

 To qualify your must:

 How This Plan Will Help You!


Simply put, if you have some stability on your job. One (1) year or more, income of $2000 a month or more, and are currently paying on time for your main items like Home and or Car. We can offer you a chance to rebuild your credit and get a great mattress at the same time. IF you will pay us on time for even a few months we can then trust you to give you more credit for other items.  Our finance companies will report to the credit bureaus so you can get on the road of a good credit rating in the near future. This will hellp you get out of the “Credit Lock Box” and into Credit Freedom again!

If don't believe anyone will give you a loan again. Try us!

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*Restart Your Life Credit Program Only Applies Certain Products On Our Website.
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