52” Widescreen Rear Projection Television

Product Specifications

Screen Size - Diagonal (inch) 52
Category HDTV
1st Surface Reflective Mirror Yes
3.2 Pull Down Reverse (On/Off Advanced)
Adjustable Color Temp Yes
Adjustable Picture Control Yes
Auto Color Balance (AKB) Yes
Blue Boost Yes
Color Corrected C Elements Yes
Comb Filter Digital 3-Line
Contrast Expand (B&W Stretch) Yes
Convergence IntellifocusTM Digital Audio
Edge Replacement Yes
Format Control Yes
Horiz Resolution (Picture Width) > 1000
Hybrid Lens System AVRTM 4 Element
Picture Power (watts) 42
Picture Presets 5+Personal
Progressive Scan/Scan Rate Converter Yes - TruScan Digital RealityTM
Protective Shield Yes
Screen Type Optimum Contrast, High-Resolution
Video Noise Reduction  Adaptive
Viewing Angle - Horizontal  >82 Degrees
Wide Band Video Amplifier Yes
Audio Processor Expanded with Stereo Bass Boost
Balance Control Yes
Front Speakers (number) 2 - Full  Range
Headphone Adjustments w/Main Volume
Second Audio Program (SAP) Yes
Sound LogicTM Audio Leveler Yes
Sound Presets 7 Modes + Personal
Sound Type Broadcast Stereo
Tone Control 5-Band Equalizer
Total Watts 20
Channels/Watts 2 Channels - 10 Watts per
Auto Channel Search Yes
Channel Labeling Yes
Commercial Skip Yes
Energy Star Qualified Yes
Interactive Set-up w/Menus Yes
Maximum Volume Limiter Yes
Multilingual On-Screen Display English/French/Spanish
One-Button Launch for Inputs Yes - Auto Tune
Parental Control (V-Chip) Yes USA & Canada
PIC Memory Presets for Vid Inputs Yes
Picture Freeze Yes
Picture Reset Yes
Power ON Indicator Green LED
Timers Clock/Sleep/Turn-on
Tuning Capability NTSC/ATSC
Digital Cable/Satellite Connections DVI/HD Component
Rear Connectors 
Audio/Video Inputs (Composite) 2 L&R Audio, 2 Video
S-Video Input 2 - Auto Detectible
   Component Video Input (YPrPb) 1 SynchroscanTM
   DVI HDCP (Digital Visual Interface) 1 DVI-HDTV for 1080i, 480p
   RF Input (Antenna/Cable) 2
   Audio Outputs 1 Pr Ffixed and 1 Pr Variable
   Video Output 1
   Sub Woofer Output Yes - RCA Phono
Front Connectors 
Audio/Video Inputs (Composite) 1 - Auto Detectible
Headphone Jack Yes
Remote Control 
Model Number RCR311THTM1
Type Universal 3-Device
Finish on Front: Screen Frame Silver Diamond Suede
Finish on Front: Control Panel Silver Diamond Suede
Finish on Front: Speaker Grill Ebony Suede
Finish on Front: Toe Rail Part of Speaker Grill
Finish on Back Black
Product Size (WxHxD) Inches 48 3/4 x 51 3/4 x 22 3/4
Packaging Size(WxHxD) Inches 55 3/4 x 54 3/4 x 29 1/8
Weight: Product/Packaged, Lbs. 153.1 x 180.9
Optional Accessories 
Stand(s) RTF4061W150
1 - SYNCROSCAN component inputs automatically detect video formats 1080i, 480p and 480i without the need for consumer intervention

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