Velocity®  918HP Tanning Bed

Velocity 918 Tanning Bed

This radical, futuristic design has taken the tanning bed world by storm. An open, inviting design that never fails to impress. This bed provides a wonderful ultra-pressure experience that gives awesome, long-lasting color for both fairer-skinned and dark skinned customers. You can be sure no other bed looks or tans like the Velocity 918HP. Call today to elevate your salon above all your competition.


  • 14 X 800 watt Heraeus Ultra Pressure™ lamps

  • 4 X 1000 watt Heraeus Ultra Pressure™ facial lamps


  • 15 minute tanning session

  • Open, futuristic design

  • All metal construction

  • 360º tanning experience

  • Contoured, suspended acrylic

Special Features

  • Easy access to electrical components

  • Hinged cassettes for easy lamp access

  • Hour meter located inside ballast compartment

  • Integrated speaker system with volume control

  • Security timer automatically monitors standard timer

  • to guarantee accurate session time

  • Completely Wireless T-MAX® compatible


  • Variable speed integrated body cooling system

  • Facial vents for face and neck cooling

  • Advanced after tan cooling system

  • Superflow internal cooling system



  • 24 month Gold Medal® warranty


  • 95" L x 70" W x 81" H

  • Recommended room size: 11' L x 9' W


  • 3 Phase, 220 VOLT

  • 4 Wire dedicated circuit

  • 3 Phase 80 AMP circuit breaker

  • Does NOT come with a plug - must hard wire directly to junction box.

IMPORTANT: Voltage must be 220 - 230 VAC or may require Buck Booster. Circuit breaker size is approximate. Consult electrician


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