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LCD Televisions
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology is mind boggling.  It uses millions of semi-liquid, semi-solid crystals to provide control of light that is amazingly precise.  Pixels are the tiny dots that comprise the picture you see.  An LCD controls light at the sub-pixel level for incredible detailed images.  LCD also offers exceptional brightness which is great for brightly rooms.  In addition to all of this, LCD technology is extremely durable.  It is not susceptible to "burn-in" or the permanent ghosting caused by maintaining a single image for an extended period of time.  An LCD screen will endure 15-20 years of average use.

DLP Televisions
DLP (Digital Light Processing) televisions use approximately a million digital micromirrors to produce exceptional, sharp, bright images.  Thanks to the micromirror chip, the DLP television is immune to "burn-in".   DLP televisions are very slim possessing a depth of just a little over a foot.  Superb contrast and impressive black-level performance make these televisions an excellent choice for movies.

High Definition Televisions
High Definition or HDTV is a giant leap forward in Television technology.  These televisions display images with up to 10 times the resolution of standard televisions.  These pictures are so clear, intense and color that they appear nearly three-dimensional.  Use of High Definition Televisions is not restricted just to watching your favorite programs. 

These televisions integrate beautifully with many digital Ventures LLC, some of which are already an integral part of your home entertainment world.  An HDTV takes full advantage of the strength of DVD players, including high resolution and the cinema widescreen format

The High-Definition screen takes full advantage of many video game console graphics capabilities, which create a true-to-life, intense gaming experience.

High Definition televisions can be used to show digital photos on the television without having to connect your digital camera. 

Connecting your PC to a High Definition Television will allow you to enjoy all of the online activities you do now, surfing the internet, playing games, etc - you'll just be doing it bigger and clearer.

High Definition television combined with your digital camcorder can give your home movies a cinematic feel.  Many DVD camcorders provide content that is ideal for viewing on a big screen HDTV.

Plasma Televisions
Plasma is where the action is.  Plasma screens have high refresh rates which means they do exception well at handling rapid movement like speeding cars.  The video of a Plasma television also offers a competitive price compared to other types of televisions and offers wider viewing angles as well.  Plasma is an exotic gas that fills millions of tiny chambers in the display and through electrical stimulation glows red, green or blue.  Plasma televisions offer striking contrast and can display almost 16.8 million colors for images that are detailed and lifelike.

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