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Tanning Bed, Furniture, Big Screen Televisions, Laptops, Low Monthly Payments For Good People With Bad Credit, No Credit, Slow Credit, Poor Credit, or Great Credit. Get A Riding Lawn Mower, Tanning Bed, HDTV, Plasma, LCD, TV's, Leather Sofa, Loveseat, Bedroom Furniture, Dinning Room Furniture. Equipment and Financing For Home Or Office or Home Office, Refrigerator, Stove, Washer, Dryer, Tires, Wheels and Rims all with simple easy financing even if you have bad credit.

We have been providing creative financing for all our products since 2001.

Don't You Deserve A Second Chance? Simple, Fast, Secure On Line Credit Application. Startup Commercial Financing Both Leasing And Financing Available At Ezcreditwarehouse.com.

Once Credit Denied Doesn’t Mean

Always Credit Denied!

Credit Challenged? You’re Not Alone!

A little known fact is that 2 out of 5 people above the age of 18 are “Credit Challenged”, or more specifically, have credit scores that do not allow them to purchase, on a payment plan, the products and services from the places they normally shop.

After years of working with people like you who might be in this situation, we have found that most of these people are really great people but have had a life changing event like a divorce, medical event, loss of a job, unexpected additions to the home (kids or family members) or other legitimate reasons. This has forced them to make difficult choices monthly about who to pay and who not to pay.

We have also found most of the time these life changing events are short term and most people are not trying to get out of paying their bills, but simply have had to prioritize who to pay and when to pay. The problem is usually short in duration but really, really long in effects to their credit rating.

We Are An E-Retailer That Sells Name Brand Products To Good People With “Challenged Credit”.

With an estimated 40% of the USA in this position, this translates to over 70 million people who are denied credit when they attempt to buy the products they want and need.


If you are one of these people don’t feel bad you're not alone!

Most retailers work with big Name Brand third party finance companies. These finance companies usually use credit scores (FICO and Beacon) to base their credit decisions. Most retailers understand and build into their pricing and business model a “normal credit denial ratio”.


This means that these retailers try to get as many credit customers as they can because the finance company is not going to work real hard to find a ways to approve the “credit challenged" customer. The finance company knows more potential customers are coming their way from the retailer.


Why should the finance company take a chance on questionable customers with low credit scores? If this sounds like you, we usually can help get you a payment program that will allow you to have the Tanning Bed, Big Screen Television (TV), Computer, or Furniture of your choice. We have worked together with our strategic financing partners to create a program to find a way to get you approved for one or more of our payment programs. Our goal is to exhaust every way possible to approve your payment program request.


We absolutely guarantee to turn over every rock, to look for all options, to obtain a payment program for the products we offer. We will be your first and last stop for a payment program!!


Most people don’t realize their credit situation changes constantly. If you were turned down for credit weeks or months ago, you could still be approved by us today.


Just simply complete an application by clicking HERE to start the process.


Don’t you think you deserve a second chance? We do and we think we can help. Give us a chance and we will work to give you a second chance.


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P.S. Don’t Forget! “Once Credit Denied Doesn’t Mean Always Credit Denied!”


We provide creative financing programs for customers who may have been denied credit, have bad credit, slow credit, no credit. We offer Lawn Mowers, Name Brand Furniture, Computers, HD TV's, Jewelry, Wheels and Rims, Tires, Appliances and much much more .

We also offer commercial financing and leasing for commercial tanning beds and other equipment.

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