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SunStar®  SS756V Tanning Bed

The power of the SS755 turned upside down! That's right, the SS756V gives your tanners the intense tanning power of a true 200-watt system in a stand up configuration with an 8 minute tanning session, perfect for those on the go. The hinged acrylic system makes changing the lamps a breeze so you can maximize your profit in a short amount of time.

Special Features

  • Convenient stand-up configuration

  • Hinged acrylic for easy access to lamps

  • Decorative Lighting

  • 2 stereo speakers

  • Security timer automatically monitors standard timer

  • to guarantee accurate session time

  • High-tech digital timer

  • Completely Wireless T-MAX® compatible

  • Optional dressing room

  • Tanning Bed Product Specifications

Commercial Tanning Bed financing application   

Commercial Financing Available 
Commercial Tanning Bed Terms &  
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SolarForce®  648 Tanning Bed

Solarforce 648 Tanning Bed

SolarForce®  652 Tanning BedSolarForce 652 Tanning Bed

Velocity® 918HP
Tanning Bed

Velocity 918HP Tanning Bed
Velocity®  926V Tanning BedVelocity 926V Tanning Bed

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