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Dark Booty Tanning Lotion

Dark Booty
Tanning Lotion

Price: $34.95

A - Accelerator - Any of the amino acid tyrosine family, concentrated to improve and intensify your body's natural ability to tan.
D - Revolutionary - Darkest Tanning Formula!
F - Firming - Active ingredients and powerful antioxidants improving skins firmness, tightness, and enhance contour.

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* "As Low As" Payments listed are based on approved credit. Shipping and applicable sales taxes are not included in the As Low As monthly payments listed above.  Monthly Payments can change due to term of repayment that you are approved by our financing sources. Payments are based on a 18% APR (1.5%) per month and can change at any time prior to completing your written agreement. We reserve the right to deny credit to anyone based on the information provided on the credit application submitted. An early payoff option is available on every agreement with a 90 day same as cash option also available. Please contact us for details.


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